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What is tarot?

Tarot is a divination system that uses a set of cards to gain insight and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life changes. The Tarot deck is over 500 years old. With archetypal roots that go back almost 2,000 years, Tarot has become a repository of ancient wisdom.

My Wicca story :

Hello, first of all, welcome to the sacred space of my divination and gifts that I am sharing with you on this little space of the internet.

I was born a hereditary witch, and have been practicing witchcraft since I was ten years old but in subtle ways that I didn't realize until I reached adulthood. I have been practicing witchcraft and the divination of Wicca for around 2 years now and have realized my intuition and gifts are very strong. My journey, spirituality, and things I've predicted are very private to me but, I have now learned that sharing my gift into tarot is very rewarding especially as a Wiccan


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